1. Nature of the consultancy: Services on story writing to produce a Photo album depicting success stories of IOM beneficiaries.
  2. Objective: Produce a Photo album about successful reintegration of returning migrants, who established own small businesses.
  3. Target: Photo album depicting success stories of beneficiaries as good practices.


  1. IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing: ‘Strengthening Counter-Trafficking and Protecting Vulnerable Migrants in Central Asia in Response to Regional and Global Challenges’ project funded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs




  1. 5.     Tasks to be performed under this contract:

a)     Conduct a pre-assignment desktop-analysis and study on IOM and international good practices on establishing small businesses by beneficiaries;

b)     In close collaboration with relevant IOM staff member study available non-confidential data on life stories of migrants, selected for the photo-project, including stories of their reintegration;

c)     Draft a questionnaire for conducting according interviews with migrants and finalise in close cooperation with relevant IOM staff;

d)     Conduct phone (or in-person) interviews with migrants, selected for the photo project;

e)     Drafting success stories of at least 10 selected migrants, in Uzbek language;

f)      Contribute to compiling the photo album, upon submitting texts of success stories and finalise in accordance with received comments from IOM, if any;

g)     Final pre-printing proof-reading of the photo album;

h)     Participate and/or initiate meeting(s) with the supervisor and a Photographer, to discuss specific peculiarities of set subjects, aiming to ensure good understanding of the topic, if needed.


  1. The output of the work assignment: the photo album depicting success stories of IOM beneficiaries;
  2. Delivery date: May 10, 2019
  3. The performance indicator will be feedback form IOM.

The applications to be submitted to:

Deadline: 2 April, 2019